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What makes us unique is that at Medicine Care Pharmacy, we simply care.

We work directly with care providers, residents, and their families in order to help the individual remain as independent as possible. 

Daily Deliveries 

Cycle Check-in

Pharmacy Consulting Services


Designated Staff member assigned to your facility

Vitamins and pills


Contracted with most Insurance Companies.

Assist with issues that arise in the relation to Medicare D Plans.

We will coordinate with your previous pharmacy to minimize any potential challenges that may arise


With QuickMAR eMAR, the information is right at your fingertips. It’s all in front of you from MARs, to med passes, to orders.

  • Document med administration with a few clicks

  • Document treatments, vital signs and other care items with the same workflow

  • Eliminate missed/undocumented meds and missed PRN follow ups

  • Speed up med passes by up to 50%

  • Improve safety and accuracy with barcode scanning

  • Pass meds without interruption even if the internet is down

  • Safely identify residents by their pictures or optionally via biometrics or barcoded wristbands

  • Receive reminder alerts before meds are late

  • Send customized notifications to key personnel via email or text

CEU Training 


Unique Medication Dispensing System 

Improve medication adherence and diversify your patient base with this innovative multi-dose packaging system.

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy

24-hour Facility

& Patient

 Emergency Line


Quarterly CEU Training 

(on/off- site)

Providing On-Site educational classes relating to a variety of medication administration topics

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